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Automated Phishing Analysis

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I’m  Handler for the day at the Internet Storm Center. Check out my post on how to automate phishing analysis and metrics.




Automating Metrics using RTIR REST API

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I’m handler for the day at the SANS Storm Center. Please check out my post for creating REST API script.

Cybertalent on the Cheap

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I’m handler for the day. Check out my latest post on getting talent at low cost and move them forward.

AppLocker and OSSEC 2.8

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I’m the Handler for today at the Storm Center. I have a great post on getting OSSEC and AppLocker working.  Stop by and check it out.

WPA-PSK Research Paper Review

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I’m Handler for the day! Check out my post on the new WPA-PSK paper.

Linux Memory Dump with Rekall

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Over at I’m handler of the day! My latest post discusses dumping Linux memory. Please stop by and read the post.

Monitoring Windows Event Logs (Part 1)

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I’m ISC Handler today and I’ve got a great post on how to use syslog to monitor important Windows event logs. This will have multiple parts as it will go deeper into special config.